Watchmaker Consumer Protection Alliance
Trust & Safety for Internet Watch Repair           

Level 5A Accredited Service Facility

BestFix Watch Company, Inc. 

BestFix Watch Company, Inc., accredited member number 0269 since 2010.

Accreditation Valid: September 12th, 2014 - September 12th, 2015.

Level 5A - Highest Level of Accreditation

BestFix Watch Co., Inc. meets and/or exceeds all of the WCPA criteria for accreditation, and has agreed to voluntarily participate in our 100% Service Refund Program, available to eligible Alliance premium consumer members. 

The examination criteria demonstrated include submitting evidence for review and verification of all of the following:


    • Corporate business status in the State of Texas
    • Sales Tax Certificate from the State of Texas
    • Federal Corporate tax return from 2011
    • Safe Valuable Storage including presence of Jeweler-rated safe (TL30 minimum)
    • Verified business insurance on safe contents (Jeweler's Insurance Policy with adequate contents coverage)
    • Facility Monitoring with video remote record 24-hours by 3rd party alarm company for both fire, break in and burglary/hold up
    • No known evidence of copyright infringement on its websites or promotional materials
    • Warranty policy clearly posted in terms and conditions of repair
    • Independently accepts credit cards with a valid merchant account (excludes PayPal) from an SSL site (verified)


    • Two trade references from suppliers or wholesalers
    • One customer endorsement from warranty work
    • Participation in complaint mediation through the Better Business Bureau or some neutral mediation service
    • No excessive complaint history with the BBB (resolved or otherwise)
    • Privacy Policy posted and/or reviewed and accepted by third-party privacy accreditation services
    • E-commerce Secure Server Hosted Site security monitoring by 3rd party corporate entity


    • Service personnel have documented watchmaker education/training from Switzerland
    • Service personnel have documented continuing education courses in the past three years
    • All personnel on site have passed a criminal background check
    • All personnel on site have have proper I-9 documentation


    • Modern, calibrated and correct Swiss dry and wet pressure testing equipment on site
    • Modern, calibrated and correct Swiss timing equipment on site
    • Clean room has verified air purification/filtration system to MERV 16 rating
    • Facility demonstrates separate areas for 'dirty work' (polishing, grinding, milling, turning) and 'clean work' (assembly)
    • Proper storage of chemicals with MSDS sheets and flammable storage cabinets with ventilation
    • Recycling program and/or proper waste disposal program for all hazardous materials and/or recyclables
      If you have anything you would like to share with us about this company, please do not hesitate to contact us.